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Employee Education

Employee education trains the masses in basic literacy, lifting generations from poverty toward better jobs and lives.

Such schools are set up like a conveyor belt in a factory: everyone in the class gets the same education from the same textbooks, and they are tested the same and graded based upon the same scale regardless of their individual interests, talents or goals.

The emphasis is on "what to think" as dictated by others in order to get "right" answers, be "good" students, and most of all, "fit in" with an externally imposed structure defining worth.  Students who learn to play by the rules receive the rewards of conformity to the academic and societal norm.

The method is to give students the same ideas, and to grade and rank them according to their conformity with these ideas. Upon finishing, students receive a stamp of approval (diploma) signifying that they are finished products ready to be sold on the job market.

The goal is to prepare students to be employees who can perform tasks in a highly structured, automated world and fill positions that do not require a lot of initiative, independent thinking, and decision making.

Students who excel in this environment are encouraged to move on to college, the university or a trade school where training for a specific vocation or profession may be gained.

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"I have to say that George Wythe helped me immensely in my preparation for law school."
-Kyle Nuttal, J.D.
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