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Pillar Five: God


"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil." -C. S. Lewis


Acknowledging moral and natural law lays the foundation for personal temperance, and particularly for any hope of a self-disciplined government hesitant to overstep the limited powers entrusted to it.  This is the great counterweight against the hubris of Nietzsche, Marx and others who declare that man is but a god unto himself, and the inevitable abuses that ensue. This humble perspective is central to statesmanship, and the source of unwavering courage and lasting influence.

GWU is a nonsectarian institution of higher learning rooted firmly in the Western tradition.  An important segment of that tradition is historically based in Judeo-Christianity.  Consequently, we recognize the value of one's faith in the preparation of leaders.

Since the University does not affiliate with any specific creed, mentors recognize a variety of religious perspectives and encourage similar respect among students.

Because of its historical and spiritual significance, we include the Judeo-Christian Bible as a notable classic in our curriculum as well. Mentors also draw principles, contrasts, and insights from the sacred texts of many world religions that may enrich our understanding. As leaders study world religions they are better able to speak the languages of various peoples and connect with individuals of differing faiths.

Students are encouraged to study earnestly from their own religious texts in the pursuit of personal direction and strength, and to respectfully share insights appropriate to classroom discussion.

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"Every one shall consider the main End of his life and studies, to know God…"
 Harvard Admissions        Requirement
       (17th Century)



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