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Timely Topics: On Campus and Online

Arguably, the most urgent issues surrounding freedom today are religious liberty and the family.  Evening classes this fall semester take on these topics directly.  With online students videoconferencing into classes on campus, students may attend from wherever they live.  A Continuing Education option for no credit is also available for the general public and non-traditional students such as busy parents, policy makers, professionals, Senior Citizens and advanced youth.

Improved Audio and Video

Our new online platform has been updated with fresh enhancements in 2015 to enrich the combined online and on-campus experience.  Online students join campus classes directly on a large screen -- with both groups mutually seeing the full classroom and their online peers, including shared video and other presentations. Everyone participates face to face more seamlessly than ever. Verbal discussion is fluid, just like being together in the physical room.


The Family in Policy, Science & Literature

UPDATE: The World Congress of Families is being held in Salt Lake City and will be incorporated into this class.

This 3-credit course investigates the historical and present role of the family for societal well-being and prosperity, including both internal family dynamics and the external forces that lead to functional and dysfunctional outcomes. In addition to surveying current research, principles of morality and ethics in interpersonal relationships are also explored through great literature. All of these will inform our examination of the changing societal norms, political trends and policies that impact the family as we consider implications for the future. Texts include the following:

  • Brotherson, Why Fathers Count (selections)
  • Carlson, Fractured Generations
  • Carlson, The American Way (selections)
  • Christensen, The Family Wage: Work, Gender, and Children in the Modern Economy
  • Bronte, Jane Eyre
  • Shakespeare, King Lear
  • Tolstoy, Anna Karenina
  • LT2510 Reading Packet

Begins September 2 - ends December 16.  Meets every Wednesday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, MDT. Taught by Gordon Jones.

Gordon S Jones B&W Headshot.jpg Gordon S. Jones holds masters degrees from George Washington University (M.Phil.) and Stanford (M.A. Ed), and a B.A. from Columbia. He is the co-founder of United Families of America which is now United Families International, an advocacy organization and that fights for preserving the traditional family and family rights both at home and abroad. He has worked for over 30 years in Washington, D.C. at the intersection of politics and public policy. A veteran of Capitol Hill, he served in both the House and Senate as personal and committee staff, as well as in congressional relations for a variety of departments, including the Department of the Interior and the Navy, and for several outside policy and political organizations and think tanks. He has taught political science and constitutional law at the university level for 10 years. In his spare time he enjoys his grandchildren and performing in community theater in Salt Lake City.



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Tuition varies by type of student.  Returning GWU students are also eligible to receive a partial tuition waiver.  Contact registrar@gw.edu to request the waiver before completing registration. 

Participants not interested in earning credit may enroll as Continuing Education students for a reduced rate.  Click here to learn more.

               Regular Tuition   
 Tuition with waiver*
  BA students    $1,080   $886
  MA students    $1,836  $1,506
  Continuing Education    $475   (not for credit)
  Continuing Education (Seniors)    $375   (not for credit)


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