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Information on this page is historical as of mid 2016, primarily to assist those seeking to understand what an education at George Wythe University entailed. Our degree programs are no longer open, but the Alumni Association is preparing for new endeavors that will become public soon.

We are committed to the foundation of classical liberal education, which trains students how to think, learn and lead in any endeavor or purpose, especially when advancing the cause of liberty. 

Consequently, our graduates find themselves well prepared for a growing list of law schools and other graduate programs. Advanced degrees are required for the majority of society's most influential leadership roles. Preparation for the rigor of graduate school is a defining characteristic of a GWU education. By integrating the classroom experience with modern statesmen in and around the State Capitol, we enhance student preparation through the Williamsburg Model

Beyond these priorities, our students do more than expand intellectually. Our age is one of confusion, upheaval and a flood of information. Now more than ever, students must become grounded in universal, timeless truths. This foundation gives them the ability to navigate change and to succeed under any conditions. Such is the aim of a classical education in the Western Tradition.

Because we use a Great Books curriculum, students go directly to original sources to grapple with the deep questions that man has asked through the ages. Students don't merely sit through tedious lectures, they are inspired by challenging mentors who are here to serve and help them reach their potential.

Our program isn't easy, but neither is leadership. Our mission to build leaders demands that each student takes full responsibility for his education. Our students find fulfillment through the challenge.

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"I have to say that George Wythe helped me immensely in my preparation for law school."
-Kyle Nuttal, J.D.
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