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"I have to say that George Wythe helped me immensely in my preparation for law school."
-Kyle Nuttal, J.D.
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The purpose of the George Wythe University Bachelor Degree program is threefold: 

  1. Provide a comprehensive, quality liberal arts education.
  2. Prepare students for pursuing those masters and doctoral degrees most central to shaping society. (View the growing list of graduate programs where GWU alumni are earning advanced degrees.)
  3. Train students to become skilled, principled, and effective leaders who will perpetuate the cause of liberty in the twenty-first century.

We help students accomplish these goals through an approach similar to the one used by George Wythe. As one biographer put it:

Thomas Jefferson's studies with George Wythe were four "years of virtually uninterrupted reading, not only in the law but also in the ancient classics, English Literature, and general political philosophy. It wasn't so much an apprenticeship for law as it was an apprenticeship for greatness."

At George Wythe University we pursue this “apprenticeship for leadership” through a seminar format, simulations and field experiences.

Seminar Format

George Wythe University only offers one undergraduate degree, a BA in Statesmanship. Students enroll in one seminar "cohort" per semester. Each cohort is a group of classes taught as an interdisciplinary search for truth. These seminars include studies in the following areas:

History Constitutional Law
Political Science Philosophy
Political Economy Public Policy
The Fine Arts Mathematics
Biblical Studies Protocol and Etiquette
International Relations Literature
Negotiation and Diplomacy Entrepreneurship
Current Events Science
Statesmanship Foreign Language

This is accomplished through extensive study in the Great Books of the Western Tradition as well as through required writings and essays in all seminar courses and at each stage of the student's progress. Our students prepare for leadership similar to how Thomas Jefferson prepared. As another biographer wrote: 

"It was the greatest stroke of good fortune that Thomas Jefferson had the opportunity to be accepted by George Wythe as a protégé for the study of law....Wythe thought a well- trained lawyer should know just about everything and Thomas Jefferson had the appetite for it. He studied not only the law but also languages...mathematics, philosophy, [science], religion, politics, history, literature, rhetoric, and virtually every other subject imaginable....Jefferson called this 'a time in life when I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow the truth and reason to whatever results they led.'"

The carefully chosen liberal arts core at George Wythe University is designed to provide this type of training for leadership through a proven curriculum and methodology of classics and mentors.


 "George Wythe University has challenged every area of my life. It has been the most difficult road I have ever traveled and without a doubt it has been the best."

-Lisa Holmes, Freshman

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Earn Your Degree From Home

Learn about the GWU Off-Campus programs: Online Studies, Extension Courses and Statesmanship Seminars

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