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Faculty and Administration


Chandra Brown:  VP of Administration, Adjunct Faculty
BA, Statesmanship, George Wythe College; MA, Education, George Wythe College; Communications Director, Legislative Aide and Executive Assistant at the California State Assembly and Senate for various legislators for six years.

Julie Earley:  Acting Registrar, Adjunct Faculty
BA, Biblical Studies, George Wythe College; MA, Education, George Wythe College; Doctoral student in American Studies, George Wythe University.  Previous GWU Registrar and Director of Admissions. 

Chris Herrod:  Adjunct Faculty
BA, International Relations and Family Living, Brigham Young University; MA, Organizational Behavior, Brigham Young University; Assistant Professor at Kharkov State University (Ukraine); Instructor and adviser at Utah Valley State affiliate in Kiev; Adjunct faculty in International Business at Utah Valley University.  Served in the Utah House of Representatives 2007-2012.

Jennifer Jensen:  Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Student Advisor
BA, Design, Brigham Young University; MA, Political Economy, George Wythe College; PhD, Constitutional Studies, George Wythe University

Gordon Jones:  Adjunct Faculty
BA, Columbia University; MA, Education, Standford University; M.Phil, George Washington University; Adjunct faculty at Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community college; Co-founder of United Families of America (now United Families International) and served in congressional relations for a variety of federal departments, including the Department of the Interior and the Navy, and for several outside policy and political organizations and think tanks.

Stan Szczesny:  Adjunct Faculty
BA, Statesmanship, George Wythe University; MA, Easter Classics, St. John's College; Doctoral student in Literature, University of Dallas

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