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Online Studies

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Online Model OverviewLive online classes

By offering our degree programs online, we extend our ability to prepare future leaders around the globe. These are not correspondence courses, but live online courses designed to closely mirror the on-campus experience. Options include Fall and Winter semesters as well as an accelerated two-month Summer semester when offered. Full and part-time students are equally welcome.

Online students enjoy the following features:

  • Live, interactive online classes.
  • Participation with other students who they get to know personally.
  • Access to recordings of their online classes for convenient review.
  • A supportive faculty mentor to facilitate the making and keeping of coursework commitments.

Online Community

Giving and receiving support is essential when embarking on a classical education.  The readings can be intimidating, assignments can seem daunting and the prospect of years of rigorous study can be overwhelming - especially to the online student who may be physically distant from classmates. Online non-traditional studentEach class, however, is part of a vibrant online community in which students reach out to each other frequently to share their enthusiasm and support from those who are more experienced. Genuine friendships are forged as one would find in a regular brick and mortar classroom.

The Online Classroom

Every full and part-time online student is placed in a cohort of up to 15 students. A GWU mentor directs this cohort and oversees the online environment of learning.

Online students engage in a live, rich, interactive online classroom using software which we provide online. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Real-time file sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Shared, interactive whiteboard
  • Instant messaging
  • Application and screen sharing
  • Indexed recording and playback of class sessions

In addition, some foreign language and applied math and science courses are facilitated by online partners including Rosetta Stone and others. 

Independent Study

On occasion a student may wish to take a course that is not being offered that semester or that may not lend itself to our live classroom offerings (e.g. foreign language). In some cases, upon administrative approval, students may be given the opportunity to take independent courses arranged with a faculty member.  To enhance these courses, a student may be allowed to make use of recorded online class sessions, lectures and other materials from past semesters available via OLS My Media. Students using the independent study method are expected to make special efforts to discuss their material outside the classroom environment. Writing assignments are submitted and graded in the normal fashion.

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