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Student Experiences

"I have to say that George Wythe helped me immensely in my preparation for law school."
-Kyle Nuttal, J.D.
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GWU Mission

To build men and women of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy, and courage who inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty.

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Prospective Students

Our degree programs are no longer open to new applicants. Information on this page is historical as of mid 2016, primarily to assist those seeking to understand what an education at George Wythe University entailed.  You may also explore the content that was offered through Continuing Education.


Is George Wythe University right for you?

Where you attend college is a major decision.  At GWU we require a serious commitment. To begin, we invite you to read from our students as they describe their experiences, including how GWU prepared many for graduate school.

We particularly urge you to become familiar with our mission of building future statesmen and exactly how this preparation occurs.  You should also explore our academics page to see the details up close in order to understand the depth of this commitment. A close examination of our curriculum will reveal the natural sequence of how each course builds up a student's classical foundation.

But first, the best way to see whether GWU is a good fit is to ask yourself a few questions.

Are you concerned over trends toward dependency, incivility and decay?

Do you cherish the principles of personal responsibility, free-markets, private property, personal charity and limited government? Are you troubled by the influence of media, education and the law in eroding the underpinnings of civilization's earliest cultural values such as self-reliance, the family, basic morality and civil society?  Are you willing to commit your life to the cause of liberty and the virtue required to sustain it?

Are you up for a challenge? 

Do you enjoy grappling with complex questions? Are you willing to engage in discussions about them with your peers — testing and refining your ideas, with the truth as your ultimate goal?  Are you willing to set aside your pride and strengthen your capacity to be patient with those with whom you disagree?  Are you prepared to explore the most effective ways to persuade others through the written and spoken word, including other talents you may possess?  Do you hunger for an education that covers all the major disciplines — not just the subjects that come easily to you? Are you willing to immerse yourself completely, test you limits, expand your mind, and prepare yourself for yet greater challenges?

Do you love reading? 

Do you especially seek books that probe the most fundamental questions concerning nature and man, freedom and virtue — the great works that have defined our civilization? Do you long to become acquainted with the most brilliant minds of the Western world, thinkers such as Cicero, Plato, Aristotle, Locke, C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, Einstein, and Tocqueville? Are you a strong reader with the commitment to immerse yourself deeply for extended periods for the rewards of greater understanding and richer discussion afterward?

Are you looking for fellow students like you? 

Do you want to study among peers from all over the country and the world, young people who, despite their varied backgrounds, are united in their common love of truth, liberty, virtue, wisdom and their commitment to these causes?

Explore the links at the top of this page to answer questions about about student life, the Capitol experience, internships, available financial aid, scholarships and how to apply.

You're always welcome to visit our campus or online classes and even audit a course. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

After Graduation

GWU prepares students for masters, doctoral and law programs at a growing list of universities.

Important Dates

View the Academic Calendar for admission, registration, semester begin\end, holidays and other important dates.

Ways to Give

Expanding Mission-Based Scholarships is our top priority.  These commit students to a trajectory of high impact after graduation to move the cause of liberty. Learn more »

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