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Student Experiences

GWU prepares students for masters, doctoral and law programs at a growing list of reputable universities. Whether in graduate school or elsewhere, our alumni speak for themselves and their experiences.


“Plato wrote that education should be designed to make men good, and that really is what George Wythe does. I’ve definitely seen a change in myself and my peers. I view the world through a much clearer lens.”  

-Austin Russell
Graduate, George Washington University Law School


"What impressed me most about George Wythe was the degree to which its educational model cultivates depth and excellence of thought. . . . Students are expected to be able to relate any aspect of their education to their immediate circumstances, in a sort of unified field theory of liberal arts, if you will."

-Roberto Valenzuela
Graduate, Pepperdine University Law School

"[K]nowing the challenges in becoming an honest and upright attorney, I felt strongly that I needed an education that would strengthen my integrity and character . . .  The education I received at George Wythe College did that and more."

-Eve Hatton
Graduate, Valparaiso University School of Law

"I have to say that George Wythe helped me immensely in my preparation for law school. I knew this from the very first day of OU Law orientation. The professors sounded just like I remembered at George Wythe. They spoke of learning how to think, how to manage your time, spending hours and hours each day reading and taking notes, not just relying on readings and note-taking but being ready to discuss in class all the cases you read. As I looked around the room I could feel the stress level rising, but I wasn’t stressed at all. I felt right at home."

-Kyle Nuttall
Graduate, University of Oklahoma College of Law


"Why does the George Wythe curriculum emphasize government?  The greatest illusions of our day are that our freedom is either totally lost, or inevitably secure. In fact, neither one is true."

-Erin Reynolds
Graduate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

"It’s been the hardest thing I have ever done, and it’s been worth every hard read, every oral exam and every mentor meeting. The challenges that come with attaining this education pale in comparison to the discoveries."  

-Aspen Eggiman
Hood River, Oregon
"My favorite thing about being a student at GWU is how hard I work, and it's all by choice! A student truly gets whatever they put into their studies here, and that means the sky truly is the limit. I have been to college several times in the past 15 years and this is the fifth time I've 'gone back to school.' I can sincerely say that I have worked harder and learned more in my three semesters at George Wythe University than I have in ALL of my other years in school!"
-Jennifer Selberg
Canby, Oregon

Before attending George Wythe University, I was fairly closed-minded and unaware of what was possible through education. I just wanted to find a job. GWU helped me to realize that life has much greater meaning. It opened my eyes and awakened my mind . . . It helped me to see relationships and patterns that I was completely ignorant of before. I see the world through completely different eyes. I now feel a deep sense of meaning that I hadn’t felt before.”

-David Crowther
Cedar City, Utah

“I left behind a four-year, full-tuition National Merit Scholarship at [a prestigious private university] to come to George Wythe University, and it has changed my life. It’s made the difference between mediocrity and excellence.”

-Leslie Ure Baxter
Blackfoot Idaho


"In [Istanbul], I conferenced with a number of United Nations Delegates, and was successful in promoting the pro-family agenda in an extremely positive manner . . . George Wythe is preparing me and others to change the world."

-Jerami Pack
Zamorano, Honduras


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After Graduation

GWU prepares students for masters, doctoral and law programs at a growing list of universities.

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