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Student Experiences

"It’s been the hardest thing I have ever done, and it’s been worth every hard read, every oral exam and every mentor meeting. The challenges that come with attaining this education pale in comparison to the discoveries." 

-Aspen Eggiman
Hood River, Oregon

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Housing\Student Life

Salt Lake City Housing Information

Student Life

Campus: Our location in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on South Temple was carefully chosen so that students can live within walking distance of their classes as well as the State Capitol.  Likewise, a high concentration of internship opportunities are within a walkable six block radius.  We refer to this as the Williamsburg model, which provides these rich opportunities in close proximity to student housing.

This neighborhood in downtown Salt Lake City is known as the Avenues, and it contains affordable and quiet student housing options. It positions students to conveniently engage with legislators, judges, law offices, think tanks, public affairs consultants, media and other supporting organizations that shape governments and society.

Beyond key internships, this area is also rich in employment opportunities, an efficient public transportation system, the new Salt Lake City library, and numerous cultural venues and museums. Religious enrichment is also abundant in a variety of churches and cathedrals, Temple Square, and an LDS Institute nearby—all of which can be a valuable benefit to students.

Student body: Our on-campus student body is small, but fortified by close relationships with think tanks, state legislators and other public officials. The resulting intimacy supports the ideal of a personalized education with constant interaction and individual attention.  Classes are limited to 15 students in size with a 1:7 faculty/student ratio.  Approximately 1/3 of students are private school graduates, 1/3 from public school and 1/3 who were home schooled. The male/female ratio is roughly even.

Social Events:  The University hosts events every semester for students to grow closer to their peers, faculty and leaders in the community.  In addition, special lectures are held with faculty from GWU as well as renowned institutions from around the nation.  During the winter semester, GWU hosts it's annual Statesmanship Invitational, an intense week-long simulation event.  Students from the online program are invited to attend as well as advanced students from local high schools and colleges. 

In addition to campus sponsored events, GWU sends a weekly e-mail to students announcing important happenings in the downtown area.  These range from political lectures at the Hinckley Institute of Politics to the performing arts at numerous venues and museum exhibits at The Leonardo.  Unlike the typical college experience in which students live sequestered in an artificial environment, we strongly urge them to become deeply involved in the local community and civic life, to establish themselves, and get to know their neighbors while here. Not only is the Capitol their campus, our downtown location means that the city is their campus as well.

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GWU Mission

To build men and women of virtue, wisdom, diplomacy, and courage who inspire greatness in others and move the cause of liberty.

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