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"I have to say that George Wythe helped me immensely in my preparation for law school."
-Kyle Nuttal, J.D.
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Winter 2014 Evening Classes

Studying the principles of liberty may be among the nobler goals for kicking off the new year. An online evening class may be the perfect fit. Because these classes begin the third week in January, they providing ample time to get a jump start on the reading. Held live and online, students may attend from wherever they live. Classes run until May 9th.

Monday, January 6, is the registration deadline.

These courses can be taken for credit by students in BA and MA programs as well those who would like to audit.  

New Technology

Our new online platform has been updated with fresh enhancements in 2014 to enrich the online experience. In addition to the ability to see your peers face to face, the instructor's screen can now be shared as a whiteboard simultaneously. This includes the ability to highlight points of emphasis on the fly and even share video with the class while discussing the finer points -- all more seamlessly than ever. Verbal discussion is now fluid as well, just like being in a physical room, and the chat feature remains an option as desired.

New Faculty Spotlight

We're excited to introduce our newest evening instructor, Dr. Bryan Benson, who is teaching our Political Philosophy courses.  He just completed his first semester teaching at GWU and with strong positive reviews from students.

Dr. Benson earned his PhD in Political Science from Boston College where he was the recipient of several fellowships and awards. His emphasis has been on the history of Political Philosophy and with particular interest in its classical roots in Plato and Aristotle. He taught political science at Boston College and later at Brigham Young University before joining the faculty at Western Governors University in 2004 where, in addition to serving on various committees, he chaired the Liberal Arts program. His commitment to the cause of freedom has been punctuated with a post graduate fellowship with the Liberty Fund and similar awards.


ST2310  Political Philosophy I: Classical & Medieval   (3 credits)

This course investigates the principles found in the key political writings of the early great philosophers up through the Middle Ages. These establish the foundation for the European and Scottish Enlightenments and the ideas that culminated in the U.S. Constitution. Writings include those of Plato, Aristotle, Polybius, Cicero, Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.


  • Plato, The Republic
  • Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics
  • Aristotle, Politics
  • ST2310 Reading Packet

Begins January 15 - ends May 7.  Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Taught jointly by Dr. Bryan Benson and Dr. Jennifer Jensen. 


LT2310   English Literature   (3 credits)

A number of seminal classics laid the foundation for English society, even playing key roles in shaping the culture of liberty that set England apart from mainland Europe. This course examines a select handful of such works that delve into the heart of the great human struggles of moral agency, virtue, justice, mercy, power, humility and wisdom – a literary snapshot of English culture and also its fruits up through the late 19th century.


  • William Shakespeare, Hamlet and Othello
  • Milton, Paradise Lost
  • Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice
  • George Eliot, Middlemarch

Begins January 21 - ends May 13.  Every other Tuesday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  Taught by Audrey Rindlisbacher.


Although full tuition for new students is $958 per class, the introductory rate for evening courses is $660 to audit and is slightly lower for returning GWU students. The registration deadline for evening classes is January 6, 2014. Based on high interest, these may fill quickly.

How to Register

The registration deadline for evening courses is January 6.  Based on our recent survey, these courses may fill up quickly.  We suggest that you reserve your slot as early as possible.

If you are a returning GWU student, click here.

If you are not in a GWU degree program and would like to audit courses, click here.



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