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Registration for Returning GWU Students

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Regular tuition for a 3 credit class has recently been corrected for inflation to $945 for BA students, and $1,264 for MA students.  To assist returning online students, a temporary waiver has been put in place which will decrease over the next 3 semesters.  This waiver reduces the cost per class to $525 for BA students and $858 for MA students.  This waiver is calculated and shown automatically when you register.  You don't need to do anything for this to go into effect.

Follow the instructions below to register for an evening course.

  1. First, log into GWU's Online Services (OLS). If you do not yet have a username and password for OLS, follow the easy instructions provided for creating an account.

  2. Once you've logged into OLS, click "Register for classes" on the greeting page.

  3. Follow the steps as outlined through the registration process.  However, for evening classes, refer back to this page in order to ensure that you click the following choices:
    1. On Step 2: choose "online" classes
    2. On Step 4: choose "class by class"
    3. On Step 6: scroll to the bottom of the list of classes to see the choices for evening courses.
    4. On Step 8: Choose the approximate date you expect to graduate, if you do not know, choose Jan 2033
    5. When making your payment, keep in mind that tuition is due in full before the first day of class.  This means that payment plans are not an option this close to the semester.

  4. If you encounter any problems during registration or if you have any questions, please contact Jeffery Francom at registrar@gw.edu or Maxine Trapp at 855.586.6570, ext 107.


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