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Thank you Into the Next Chapter and Initiative Fund
for the Read-a-thon fundraiser for GWU!

Glenn Beck with Rachelle Harkey, founder of Into the Next Chapter, and Sara Patterson, founder of Initiative Fund,
at the 2009 Fundraising Gala

At the GWU Fundraising Gala in May, Glenn Beck pledged up to $25,000 to 14-year old Rachelle Harkey to read 2.5 million pages and earn $.01/page towards her fundraising efforts for GWU.

Rachelle Harkey is one of nine philanthropists age 12 to 16 who each donated for a seat at the youth table hosted by Initiative Fund (IF).  She raised the funds to attend the Gala by holding a read-a-thon and going door-to-door for sponsors, exceeding the amount she needed to attend the Gala by $1000, which she also donated to GWU.

With so much success, Rachelle was determined to raise more for GWU through another read-a-thon.  Before the Gala, she created a plan and a logo for her organization called Into the Next Chapter.  At a tuxedo shop in Salt Lake City the night before the Gala, she and her family bumped into Glenn Beck while shopping with his friend who was getting a tux.  After talking about the Gala, leadership education, and current events, Rachelle introduced her idea of raising funds for GWU.  She was surprised the next evening when Glenn Beck personally pledged $25,000 at a penny a page for her read-a-thon!

IF, an organization founded by Sara Patterson and built by youth to raise funds for select causes sponsored Into the Next Chapter by holding a read-a-thon summer 2009. Not only did they read enough pages to get the entire $25,000 pledge, but they also raised over $17,000 to donate to our mission.

Thank you to Rachelle Harkey, Sara Patterson, and all the readers and sponsors who spent their summer months making a difference in the world!

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