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Hosting Extension Courses & Statesmanship Seminars

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Extension Courses and Statesmanship Seminars are an essential part of the George Wythe University mission to build statesmen everywhere, and hosts are the single biggest factor in the success of these classes. The host is the focal point around which a community of scholars will gather for an education that will have dramatic impact in their area. It will be those statesmen who will find the solutions to the unique problems that face their communities. We recognize the need for statesman worldwide and hosts are among the leaders that will build strong networks of these statesmen. We are privileged to assist you in your efforts to build statesmen, and ultimately, a better community.

Hosts are responsible for the following:

  1. Propose Seminars to be offered in the area. As a member of your community, we suggest that you propose the seminars best suited to the specific needs/interests of the students in your area. We would be happy to recommend seminars, if you need assistance. The Director of Off-Campus Studies will make the final decision on seminars offered.  Click here to see our degree program curricula.
  2. Propose class dates. The host will propose dates for the semester. Hosts should consider the needs of students in the area, the distance students will have to travel to class and their schedules. The dates will range from two to eight class sessions per 16-week semester. The Director of Off-Campus Studies will make final decision on dates for classes.
  3. Propose a qualified location. Hosts will find a location that represents George Wythe University while not exceeding the budget allocation. The building should not be a residence and should be centrally located for students. Parking must be sufficient for 10-18 students. Only one room is required per seminar, preferably something that can be set up with a single large table that accommodates 10-18 people (or 2-4 smaller tables pushed together) and a chalk\white board. Occasionally, Statesmanship Seminars have been held in a conference room found in a business office that is either owned by a student attending the seminar or one that a student has been able to arrange for a minimal cost. Other locations used in the past are libraries, private or charter school facilities, university extension campuses, city-owned/community buildings or hotels. Costs should be kept at or lower than $800 for all class sessions combined.
  4. Filling the seminar. Hosts are responsible to fill the seminar. The Office of Off-Campus Studies will give assistance such as identifying Online Studies students in your area. Proposed seminars will be listed on the George Wythe University website. Hosts should explore all marketing options and networks available in their areas, eg. Face to Face Seminars, TJEd Forums etc. In order for the class to actually be offered, tuition income and class size minimums must be met equivalent, approximately, to 14 undergraduate or 10 graduate students, or any combination that meets the minimum amounts.
  5. Instructor accommodation and transportation. Hosts are responsible for making recommendations for lodging that is convenient to the seminar location. Hosts may be asked to arrange transportation to and from the airport for the Mentor.
  6. Host Discount. Hosts will receive a full tuition waiver for each Seminar they host. This waiver(s) may be transferred to another recipient at the hosts’ discretion.
  7. Tuition Costs. George Wythe has set standard tuition pricing for Extension courses and Statesmanship Seminars. Under special circumstances the host may work with the Director of Off-Campus Studies to vary from this pricing model, offer family discounts etc.  These exceptions must be approved by George Wythe prior to such rates being published, marketed or announced to prospective students.

For additional information or to discuss the potential for courses in your area please contact the Director of Off-Campus Studies by email or call (435) 586-6570.

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