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GWU Refund Policy

All enrollments are subject to a three business day cooling-off period, commencing with the day an initial deposit or payment toward tuition and fees of the institution is made, until midnight of the third business day following such date, during which time the contract may be rescinded and all monies paid refunded.  Any student who is dismissed or withdraws after the cooling-off period may receive a partial refund according to the schedule below.  In all cases, be they during or after the cooling-off period, refunds must be requested in writing and the postmark, fax date or email date of the request shall be construed as the actual request date in determining the appropriate amount of the refund.  It is the responsibility of the student to verify that a refund request has been received by the Office of the Registrar.

 Note: For On-campus and Part/Full-time Online students who registered using the Standard Enrollment method, the three-day cooling-off period for both Fall and Winter semesters begins with the initial deposit or payment made for the Fall.  For example, a student withdrawing on September 5th (after her three-day cooling-off period) would forfeit 30% of the Fall tuition, and 10% of the Winter tuition, following the table below.  

Tuition Refund Schedule

After the cooling-off period, tuition is partially refundable to students who request it in writing. GWU will observe the following schedule for refunding tuition/fees:


Winter Semester
Fall Semesters Summer Semester % of Tuition
for Refund
Within 3 business day cooling-off period Within 3 business day cooling-off period Within 3 business day cooling-off period 100%
After Cooling-off through 1/9 After Cooling-off through 9/1
After Cooling-off through 5/18
1/10 through 1/16 9/1 through 9/10 5/19 through 5/28 70%
1/17 through 2/3
9/11 through 9/25 5/29 through 6/11 20%
2/4 through 2/26
9/26 through 10/16 6/12 through7/6 10%
2/27 Or Later
10/17 Or Later 7/7 Or Later No Refund










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